Let’s create an application that will make your business thrive.

Ready to use, tailor-made application

Make use of our in-house designed program that makes managing any membership-based enterprise (businesses, organizations, clubs etc.) easier. Ensure effective communication between members - for further details visit sztama.pl

Multi-platform support

We design applications and programs suited for every OS available - be it Windows, iOS or Linux. The same goes for web browsers and smartphone brands. Your application will work flawlessly regardless of the device and OS it will be used on.

Web pages

We create professional pages that are adjusted to deliver the best experience even when viewed on mobile devices. Our team has many years’ experience in both simple and complex webpages, shops and message boards.


What exactly is our expertise?

Multi-platform support

Let us know if You need a universal tool that will let your business grow. We will create and implement substantive solutions that can be used on any OS, any device and in any browser. Those applications can be later configured to suit your needs even better!

Mobile applications

What about complex mobile applications? Just let us know what is your goal with it, and we will figure out the rest for You.

Web pages

Shops, messaging boards, webpages, search engines and price comparison websites specifically adjusted for mobile use - we can design all that for You, so that You can focus on developing Your business.

Remote appliances control

Want to remotely control an appliance? We can connect it to the web, and then develop an application that will let You control it from anywhere.


We can also help You develop a completely new appliance. We will create it from the ground up - starting with the idea itself, then focusing on hardware and firmware, and finally producing a ready to use device.

How will our cooperation proceed?

First and foremost, get in touch with us!

The groundwork of every productive cooperation is effective communication. Get in touch, and we’ll discuss Your project, and provide You with suggestions regarding best solutions and technical aspects.


  • A young, creative and committed team will work on Your idea, and come up with the best possible solutions. Then the specialists will propose the technological ways to deliver the project.


  • You’ll receive a detailed, comprehensive appraisal, so that You’re in charge of the project’s cost at every stage.


  • Let’s get to work! Rest assured; we respect the deadlines.
Our latest finalised work
Finished projects

Our latest finalised work

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Knowledge base, job offers and forum in one place.


A social application created for the Wisła Kraków business club.

Sztama - trzymamy dobre kontakty

Proprietary system on which most of our projects are based.

About Images
Creativity and desing based on knowledge and experience

About TechDesign Electronics

Our team works with developing and implementing innovative solutions for almost a decade. We cater both to business and individual new technology aficionados.

We develop software, applications, webpages and complete ICT appliances. We work with enterprises of different sizes; with small companies as well as bigger corporations. We make managing business easier, help with automation and let Your company be as profitable as possible!

In our day-to-day operations we focus on partnership and close relationship with our clients. That’s the basis for well-operating business! Our team will deliver comprehensive, professional advice when it comes to choosing the best strategies, technologies and solutions suited specifically to Your needs.

Get to know our developers

Our team

We work with software development for almost a decade

Andrzej Wojnar


President Of The Board

Marcin Jakubowski


Software Developer

Rafał Kurosz


Software Developer

Paweł Wilkowski


Lead Developer

Bartosz Borysiuk


Frontend Developer

Technologies we make use of

Supported technologies

  • C++
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