Wisła Biznes

Wisła Biznes is a business club working with Wisła sports company. Their management commissioned us to come up with a CMS system tailored specifically to their needs. Both members and the management of Wisła Biznes value ergonomics, efficacy and aesthetics when it comes to communication, and it is a well known fact, that popular, free-to-use services (and their mobile apps) are lacking in those crucial factors.

We developed a content managing platform based on our in-house designed system Sztama. The finished product that our clients received is a program that includes features such as online chat, newsfeed, event organizing and fast and clean mailing tool. It is worth noting, that the system is much more complex and ergonomics-oriented than run-of-the-mill social-media apps. At its core, it’s a content managing application, and thanks to the close cooperation with businessmen the final product is a versatile business app.

business, management
Project type
web application, mobile application


  • content management application
  • business application
  • chat
  • social-media application
  • event organizing
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